May 22, 2022

Data Journalism Training for Public Safety Reporters Organised

Islamabad — Public safety and crime beat journalists attended a data journalism training organised by Media Matters in the federal capital from 29 to 31 December 2019.

The training focussed on strategies to use crime data for public interest journalism that highlights systemic issues and creates impact for public safety provisions in policy and practice.

The participant journalists included reporters from Daily Jang, 92 News, Daily Dunya, Samaa TV, and Aap News, as well as freelancers.

The training sessions guided the participants to learn effective ways to search for online crime data. Participants also learnt the use of spreadsheets to analyse data sets for reporting. Tips for navigating data unavailability issues on the crime beat were also discussed, with examples from national and international media. The journalists were trained on the visual presentation of data to engage audiences meaningfully.

The journalists used digital tools to extract locked data from PDFs and create visualisations including charts and choropleth maps. They also conducted Pivot Table analysis in Excel on a data set about motives of homicide cases registered in Peshawar. The analysis allowed them to find out important facts for their stories and determine further questions for reporting.

The participants are expected to use the skills they learnt to produce at least one data-driven news report related to crime and public safety.

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