January 26, 2022

Pakistan Information Commission To Have Web Presence Soon

Update: The website can be accessed at

Islamabad — The Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) is expected to launch its official website in December, according to news reports.

The PIC is the statutory appellate body for the federal RIght of Access to Information Act 2017, which allows citizens to request public records from federal government departments.

Chief Information Commissioner Muhammad Azam announced the imminent launch of the website at a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday.

The website is expected to help facilitate the public in obtaining information from government offices and submitting appeals to the commission in case of unresponsiveness or unsatisfactory replies.

Citizens who want to use the right to information (RTI) law can write their information request on a plain paper addressed to the public information officer of the concerned department. (Templates for requests for the national and provincial RTI laws are also available in the Media for Transparency website’s resources section.) The PIC has also waived off an application fee for citizens, so information requests are now free of charge.

Government officials are required by law to respond to federal information requests within 10 days of receiving the requests. If they fail to respond, citizens can write to the PIC for an intervention. The PIC can summon and direct the officials to produce the required documents, as it did recently in the case of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Clifton cantonment board.

Meanwhile, the PIC can also be reached its Twitter handle (@PkInfoCom) or its street address: c/o Chief Information Commissioner, Pakistan Information Commission, Information Service Academy, Zero Point, Islamabad.

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