September 23, 2021

New Dawn Prism Series To Showcase Evidence-Based Policy Journalism

Dawn’s PRISM section has started an exciting new monthly series for evidence-based articles on policy issues.

The Analytical Angle will be published by in collaboration with the Lahore-based policy institute Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP) and the Harvard Kennedy School’s Evidence for Policy Design research initiative.

In the first article for the series, CERP researchers Maroof Ali Syed and Maha Rehman wrote about Pakistan’s trade imbalance. The experts used a variety of data sources to show that the country’s exports are less than a quarter of its total trade volume and its exports have only grown by half in the decade until 2017 while regional competitors, such as Bangladesh and Vietnam, have tripled their exports during the same period.

The authors suggested that Pakistan is “like a general store that was selling five products in 2014 and four years later had not broadened its offerings.” They claimed that traditional analysis would be inadequate for trade policy suggestions as it does not provide enough details about firms within a sector of industry. Instead, the experts recommended, “firm-level” data is required.

Read the article for more details on the firm-level data and how it may help make better policies.

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