September 19, 2019
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Media for Transparency


Media for Transparency is a project run by Media Matters for Democracy. The project aims to combine data journalism skills with the use of right to information (RTI) laws to develop data-driven investigative news stories that serve the public interest.

Our objectives are:

1. To build the capacity of selected Pakistani journalists to use local RTI laws effectively for their news reporting

2. To impart data journalism skills development trainings for local journalists

3. To help journalists work on collaborative investigative news projects

4. To produce in-depth news stories about political and social issues that can increase accountability of elected governments at the federal, provincial and local levels.

Under this project, Media Matters for Democracy will

1. Conduct four basic data journalism trainings

2. Organise one investigative reporting bootcam

3. Help produce 10 in-depth news project

4. File RTI requests and use data acquired through the requests to produce in-house news content

5. Build a website to publish the news content along with data sets and document its experience of using local RTI laws

This website ( has been developed under the Media for Transparency project.

This initiative is being supported by grants fromĀ National Endowment for Democracy and Foundation Open Society Institute, Pakistan.

Link: Read about the project team

Media Matters for Democracy


Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD) is a Pakistan-based not-for-profit that works on media development and digital rights advocacy. MMfD is founded and led by a group of journalists who believe in free expression and want to ensure the media and public have the tools and an enabling environment to enjoy the right to freedom of expression. MMfD works for innovation in media and journalism through the use of technology, research, and advocacy on media and Internet-related issues. MMfD wants to make sure the rights and freedoms related to expression and information are protected in Pakistan.

Our core areas of interest include digital rights, Internet governance, freedom of expressions, and the right to information. We are determined to strengthen connections between the media and the digital rights community. Our initiatives include capacity building and technology development to enable journalists to use digital tools for their trade. We also focus on gender-related issues within the media and on the Internet as well as the inclusion of citizen voices in the mainstream narrative. All our initiatives and programs include an overarching emphasis on inclusion.

MMfD strives for an inclusive and democratic Pakistani media industry that is tech-friendly, progressive, diverse, professional, and secure.