May 23, 2022

Federal – Pakistan Citizen Portal – Aggregate Statistics 2019

This data set contains information provided by Prime Minister’s Office in response to a question raised during National Assembly‚Äôs question hour. The data has been scraped and published by Media for Transparency.

The data provides aggregate total number of received, resolved, and pending complaints from the Pakistan Citizen Portal up until November 2019.

Download the data set (Excel file in a zipped folder) here.

Story tips for journalists: The totals can only give you an overall sense of the system, which won’t be much help reporting-wise. But journalists can ask the following questions to find more detailed data from the Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) at the Prime Minister’s Office, which is in-charge of the portal.

What kind of complaints are citizens submitting to the portal?

Are complaints for some municipal services or departments more frequently submitted than other departments? Why?

Can we get complaints data dis-aggregated by location to find out which areas are most frequently cited in the portal? Journalists in those areas can then check up on the nature of complaints and get human sources for their stories.

The portal statistics suggest over a million complaints were resolved. Were these complaints really resolved or marked “resolved” by the authorities?

Is there a way to determine citizen satisfaction about complaint resolution? Is there a feedback system that allows citizens to follow-up with authorities if the problems remain?

Was there any follow-up on the Prime Minister’s directive to form committees at government departments for quick redress of complaints submitted to the portal?

If journalists pursue these questions, the stories they write can always use the aggregate statistics as context.

Download the data set (Excel file in a zipped folder) here.

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