October 18, 2021

Verifying Information for News: All The Useful Digital Tools In One Place

First Draft, a global non-profit, has long remained on the forefront of providing ethical and practical advice to journalists about verifying online information for news.

It has recently published a page to curate all the useful digital tools that journalists and citizen investigators can try to verify information found online.

The toolkit is a treasure trove of services that can help with various aspects of an online investigation, including checking source, location, and metadata of digital content.

Not all verification techniques might work in all circumstances so it is recommended that journalists should rely on a variety of tools in their process. The First Draft toolkit can be immensely helpful in journalists expanding their verification repertoire.

Check out the verification toolkit here.

Screenshot of the verification toolkit.

We highly recommend the InVID Fake News Debunker listed under the Chrome extensions in the tool set. The extension was made possible through the InVID and WeVerify projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 grants and its initial versions were developed by the AFP Medialab. It offers a host of features and has made reverse-video investigations much easier.

BONUS: The Bellingcat Online Investigation Toolkit — the original master file for digital verification tools — is buried somewhere in the First Draft lists. See if you can you spot the toolkit within the toolkit?

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