March 18, 2019

Free Learno Course on Mapping for Journalists is offering a free course on mapping for journalists.

The course, taught by data journalist Maarten Lambrechts, covers static and interactive maps with the help of the Quantum GIS software and the new version of online service Carto.

Mapping is a necessary skill for data journalists because, as the course description also mentions, so many of the stories we work with have some form of location or geographical data. Visualising such data on a map can help in a more meaningful and personalised storytelling experience for the readers.

That’s not all. The course description suggests journalists can “make geo analysis to gain insights and find stories in geographical data. What schools are located close to industrial plants handling dangerous chemicals? How fast and in what directions is a forest fire spreading? Are there any houses threatened by the fire? Questions like this can be answered by applying geographical analysis techniques.”

Journalists can take the course at their own pace. The video tutorials are divided into three simple modules and the running time for the modules is just over two hours altogether.

Learno also offers other course for media professionals. You can check them out here.

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