March 18, 2019

Data Story of the Day: Nawai Waqt Report Shares Numbers on Military Op

Our data story today is a Nawai Waqt report that looks at the one-year performance of Operation Raddul Fasad.

The military operation was launched on 22 Feb 2017 nationwide, with a focus on Punjab, to eliminate terrorist sleeper cells and strengthen the security situation.

The Nawai Waqt report suggests:

• Under Raddul Fasad, 1,191 operations were conducted in Punjab districts during the past year

• In these Punjab-based operations, 27 alleged terrorists were killed and 163 others arrested

• The operation also covers Karachi where, the report, says 45 target killings and 16 kidnapping-for-ransom incidents took place during the year. The report claims these are fewer than previous years.

• Overall, over 21,000 weapons and around 2.5 million rounds of ammunition were confiscated during Raddul Fasad

The report also provides on executions ordered by military courts and details about border management with Afghanistan.

The major flaw in the story is lack of attribution, which is quite typical of Urdu print journalism, and a definite sense of incoherence. Sometimes it does not remain clear if the report is still talking about Operation Raddul Fasad or simply sharing statistics related to militancy.

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