December 9, 2019

Data Story of the Day: Transparency International Annual Report Findings Covered in Daily Express

The Daily Express web desk covered the Transparency International’s recently launched Corruption Perception Index 2017 report in a detailed Urdu story.

The report has ranked Pakistan 117 out of 180 countries, with a score of 32 out of 100. The lower down the list a country’s position, the more it is perceived as a corrupt country by its citizens. In comparison to Pakistan’s 32 points, New Zealand was the least corrupt country with 89 points.

The Express story cites the Transparency International report to say that nearly 75% Pakistanis regularly deal with property-related issues and 60% deal with the police. Corruption exists at every level in these two sectors, the report states.

Pakistan’s score has improved by five points since 2012. Last year, Pakistan had also scored 32 points but was ranked 116 — one place better than it is this year.

Pakistan scored better than regional neighbours Bangladesh and Afghanistan but worse than India, according to the Express story.

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