August 26, 2019

RTI Requests – Budget of Federal BHUs

The details of the RTI request are as follows:






Ministry of Health


Please provide the following details about financial resources available for Basic Health Units, BHUs in Islamabad

  1. Islamabad budget allocation for BHUs in each district for budget year 2016 – 17
  2. Breakdown of budget allocated for BHUs in budget year 2016 – 17, including operational budget, administrative budget, equipment and maintenance budget and other budgetary heads
  3. Budget released for BHUs in Islamabad for budget year 2016 – 17
  4. Islamabad details of medicine allocation for BHUs in budget year 2016 – 17
  5. Islamabad details of number of vehicles allocated to BHUs
  6. Please provide the budgetary breakdown of budget allocated in the financial year 2016 – 17, for BHUs in Islamabad including administrative budget, operational budget, maintenance budget etc.

Submission Date:

5 January 2018

Date of Receipt:



Partially Completed

Response from Agency/Department

Date of Response:

21 Mar 2018

Text of Response:

“With referene to the subject matter, we have received the information regarding allocation of budget in BHU’s in ICT, Islamabad. However. it is just for your kind information, please.” Signed Dr. Imtiaz Ali Memon, D/Director (Institutions)

Complaint to Appellate Body

Complaint Filed (Y/N):


MMfD Comments:

The health ministry only provided an aggregate budget for all the BHUs and RHCs instead of providing the details as demanded in our records request.


Copy of Request:

Copy of Response:

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