December 9, 2019

RTI Request – KP BHUs Human Resource Details

The details of the RTI request are as follows:




Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Health Department


Please provide the following details about human resources at Basic Health Units, BHUs in each district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  1. Number of BHUs in each district
  2. Number of doctors sanctioned for BHUs in each district
  3. Number of nurses and paramedical staff sanctioned for  BHUs in each district
  4. Number of midwives sanctioned for  BHUs in each district
  5. Number of doctors appointed in BHUs in each district
  6. Number of nurses and paramedical staff appointed in BHUs in each district
  7. Number of midwives appointed in BHUs in each district

Submission Date:

21 December 2017

Date of Receipt:



Partially Completed

Response from Agency/Department

Date of Response:


Text of Response:

“I am directed to refer to your application dated: 21-12-2017 which is self explanatory and to state that the requested information related DHIS and Personnel sections is enclosed herewith for the needful.” Signed Data Analyst, DHIS Cell, Health Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar.

Complaint to Appellate Body

Complaint Filed (Y/N):


MMfD Comments:

The health department responded to the information request but the records it provided did not completely answer the queries in the request. Instead of providing district-wise statistics of sanctioned and working medical staff at KP BHUs, the department sent aggregate numbers for the entire province and rank- and position-wise breakdown of paramedical, nursing and medical specialist staff. This meant we could not draw the district-wise comparisons of vacant positions. Only three districts (Peshawar, Mardan, and Abbottabad) separately provided the complete details for their individual districts. The department, however, provided the total number of BHUs in each district.


Copy of Request:

Copy of Response:

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