December 9, 2019

RTI Request – PTA List of Blocked Websites

The details of the RTI request are as follows:






Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)


Please provide a list of websites that have been blocked in Pakistan from 1 January 2014 to 30 April 2017, along with the reasons for their blocking?

What were the reasons to block those websites? Please give details.

Submission Date:

15 May 2017

Date of Receipt:



Internal Review

Response from Agency/Department

Date of Response:

24 Oct 2017

Text of Response:

“Rest of your applications are under consideration and will be replied accordingly, please.”

Complaint to Appellate Body

Internal Review Request (Y/N):


Date of Review Request:

17 Mar 2018

MMfD Comments:

Based on PTA’s written response and a follow-up telephone call conversation we had with the official who signed the PTA response, PTA has claimed that it is waiting on a decision by the law ministry on whether the list of blocked websites is a public document or not. The official mentioned that PTA had received a similar information request previously whereby it had written to the law ministry for guidance. The authority did not write again to the law ministry separately after receiving MMfD’s request rather it is waiting to hear back on the previous query and seems determined to apply whatever guidance it receives to all requests pertaining to websites blocked by PTA.


Copy of Request:

Copy of Response:

Copy of Internal Review Letter:

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