January 22, 2019

Lahore Training Participant Plots Air Pollution Data

One of our 10 participants for the Fundamentals of Data Journalism training in Lahore was Mohammad Sohaib, a young multimedia editor working for Pakistan Today.

A few weeks after the training, Sohaib reported and wrote an article on the levels of air pollution in Lahore, which has struggled with smog in the winter season for two consecutive years now. For his story, Sohaib used data posted online by the local environment protection department. He then used Infogram, a simple online chart-making tool we had practiced during the data journalism training, to plot the the data.

The simple charts quickly communicate the elevated levels of most air pollutants at busy areas of the city such as Gulberg and Jail Road. One design element that could have helped the readers more is a differently-coloured line or shaded area on the charts to indicate the acceptable levels of the air pollutants. However, these safe limits are mentioned in the story text.

You can read the complete story at the Pakistan Today website.



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