January 22, 2019

Karachi Participant Captures Spirit of Media for Transparency’s Data Journalism Trainings

Minerwa Tahir, who participated in our Karachi training, has written and published a brilliant blog post on her news organisation Samaa TV’s website about her experience of the data journalism training.

One of the ideas we tried to reinforce throughout the training series was that there is no reason journalists should feel afraid of data journalism. Pakistani reporters already work with numbers on almost all news beats on a daily basis. They can use simple data management and analysis skills to bring more depth and efficiency to their work. We also tried our best to connect mathematical concepts and spreadsheet calculations with their application in news reporting. Minerwa’s blog reflects some of these ideas wonderfully.

The post also mentions the names of some of the simple, “user-friendly” tools we used to practice data visualisation during the training. Other journalists in Pakistan could also look up these tools and practice them in connection with the stories they are working on. Journalists can also contact the Media for Transparency team, if they need any assistance using the online resources.

You can read Minerwa’s blog post on the Samaa TV website.




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