June 1, 2020


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RTI Requests Tracker

Media for Transparency regularly sends information requests to government departments to access public records that can offer insight about governance issues. We publish the status and official correspondence for each request.


Special Reports

Pakistan's election system is letting its citizens down but there might be an effective solution for it. We find out.

A Media Matters for Democracy investigation shows the terrible state of primary health care facilities in Sindh and KP.

From Oct 2017 to Mar 2018, Media Matters for Democracy submitted 195 public records requests to government departments. Our six-month

نیب خیبر پختونخوا نے گزشتہ چار سالوں میں سرکاری اداروں کے ملازمین سمیت کل 554 افراد کے خلاف تقریبا سوا


Federal budget allocated for higher education appears to be insufficient for university expenses.

RTI News

Former bureaucrat Sajid Khan to head the provincial RTI commission until year 2023.

Public Safety

More than 70,000 Pakistani civilians and soldiers have lost their lives in terror-related incidents since 2001 and the national economy


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